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Seeding Intergenerational Resilience

What vital skills did you learn from generations before you?

Who taught you how to ride a bike, to tie your shoe, how to give tobacco in thanks, the meaning and importance of the songs you sing, or even how to drum?

What if this knowledge were lost?

The Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience (AIR) encourages you to go out today and learn from an Elder, or teach something meaningful to a youth. Share this message so that people you know might begin to see the importance of this way of learning, relating, and connecting - interculturally as well as intergenerationally.

Sharing what you know will help bring you closer to your community, strengthen your relationship to other people, places, animals, and the Earth.

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Indigenous communities around the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere are re-occupying their territories to protect their land and revitalize their cultural practices. Gathering Allies seeks to help address barriers to this work by providing stable funding and logistical support to these projects.Financial contribution is one of the most tangible forms of support that settlers can engage in to sustain Indigenous resistance to colonialism, capitalism, and environmental destruction and support Indigenous resurgence, sovereignty, and decolonization.

Maintaining action sites is hard work and often involves significant costs. In addition to logistics like shelter, food, medicines, and other essential everyday survival supplies, to be on the frontlines requires communication, tools, and other equipment and supplies to be able to stop resource extraction companies from trespassing on Indigenous lands. The labour of actively maintaining an action site means that people are often taking time away from paid work and so have less income while there.

Fundraising is an essential component of solidarity for frontline work. In addition to crowdfunding campaigns for one-time costs such as building cultural centres as part of reoccupying lands, stable ongoing funds are needed for core costs of maintaining camps, checkpoints, and blockades, and supporting core organizers.


For those wishing to donate directly to one of the projects we support, please visit their websites and use their online fundraising platforms as linked on this site under Projects We Support.

If you'd like to commit to a monthly contribution to our general fund - the Frontline Indigenous Resurgence Solidarity Trust (FIRST) - understanding that this money will be used to support multiple projects including those still in the development stages, please use one of the donate button to the right. One-time contributions are also accepted.


The Frontline Indigenous Resurgence Solidarity Trust (FIRST) is Gathering Allies' initiative to establish a solid monthly base of funding to support Indigenous-led territory reoccupation for cultural resurgence and land and water protection. Crowd-sourced funds are directed to Indigenous-led action sites and projects in response to asks being made of supporters by these action sites and projects.

The Solidarity Trust is a crowdfunded initiative to help with these base costs, as well as to establish a pool of funds that can be used for emerging situations. Guaranteed monthly donations ensure predictability to help folks on the frontlines address their short- and long-term needs. By signing up as a Solidarity Trust sustainer and contributing financially and/or volunteering your time, you are joining a movement that is resulting in tangible, on-the-ground changes to protect the land and water and support Indigenous sovereignty. Join below!


All funds raised go directly to grassroots Indigenous-led action sites and organizing efforts. Gathering Allies is run entirely by volunteers.  We have no office space, no overhead, and no salaries to pay. We pay operating costs such as website fees and our travel costs out of our own pockets. Every dollar you contribute goes directly towards the Indigenous-led projects we support.
Monthly funds are distributed between the projects currently requesting financial support, with a portion left over as an emergency fund to be able to respond promptly to any communities' urgent requests for funds. If no project requests emergency funds in a particular month, the funds are all distributed to projects requesting financial support.

As we continue to build relationships with more Indigenous land and water projects and movements, we will update this site with current information about which projects we're supporting. You can also join our mailing list for updates at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Lax U'u'la Camp (Lelu Island)
Fish Farm Occupations
Musgamagw-Dzawada'enuxw Floathouse Project

To learn more, click here


Join us today for an important demonstration
in front of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans
at 12 noon, 4250 Commerce Circle


In the face of mounting Indigenous and public pressure for a ban on disease infested open-net fish farms located on wild salmon migratory routes, on December 14th, Norwegian-based aquaculture giant Marine Harvest will be seeking court injunctions against three of the fierce frontline salmon warriors who have been instrumental in bringing the plight of wild salmon into the public spotlight, in an attempt to use the colonial legal system to criminalize Indigenous peoples for exercising their inherent rights and responsibilities to protect their food fishery from further demise. We need to support these brave women, loudly, by rallying together at the Matriarch Camp here in Victoria, W'SANEC Territory, at the office of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. 

JOIN US @ 12:00 PM THURSDAY DECEMBER 14th in the parking lot of the DFO office in Glanford-- bring your selves, your family & friends, your salmon signs and your voices to stand together in solidarity with these brave Salmon Warriors. 

The timing of this event is critical; your vocal support for wild salmon, the Salmon Peoples across this coast, indigenous self-determination, rights and title and healthy coastal ecosystems for future generations is needed now more than ever. 


Please consider helping out with the expenses of this ongoing occupation in front of the DFO offices known as the Matriarch Camp. 
To learn more about what is going on there, what is needed and how you can support the work, please visit their facebook page at:
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