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This Article will serve as a follow up to the March 13th, 2018 Event hosted by SEA and for ongoing updates in the opposition actions.

Updated April 4th, 2018

Hello water protectors!

Community Meeting: Start Working Groups to Stop KM
We were inspired to see so much enthusiasm to stop KM in this town! In order to turn that energy into action, we are facilitating a community meeting at 7:00pm Monday, April 9th at CityStudio:742 Johnson Street.

Here's a link to the facebook event:

The goal of this meeting is to set up Working Groups to take on different aspects of organizing.

For example, in our last meeting we collectively identified several needs, including:
- Fundraising
- Political pressure (phone banks, letter campaigns, pressuring politicians)
- Direct actions aimed at local targets (subcontractors, government offices, banks, etc)
- Getting involved in ongoing trips to Burnaby

We are also very open to any other groups people may want to form or other ideas you may have.

Our vision is that each group will leave this meeting with a plan to continue to meet autonomously and organize action in their field. So, if you are ready to take concrete action against Kinder Morgan and looking for a way to get involved, please consider joining us.

Upcoming Actions
We are supporting the incredible and ongoing “Kwekwecnewtxw – Protect the Inlet” initiative on Burnaby Mountain to resist the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project. There is an upcoming day of action on Burnaby Mountain taking place Saturday, April 7. Stay tuned for more updates via. email or on our facebook group: and at

We encourage you to organize your own trip to Burnaby Mountain using our facebook group, or with this carpool tool: 

Protect the Inlet is looking for folks to volunteer at the Watch House. If you are interested, sign up at

Stay tuned as well for Rise and Resist organized 'Trans Folks Against Trans Mountain' - an action against the Kinder Morgan pipeline led by TRANS folks and their allies. It will take place in April, date to be announced.

In solidarity,
The Rise and Resist team


Flipchart notes - Added March 22, 2018

Supporting Indigenous-led resistance to the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

March 13, 2018

- community discussion on supporting ongoing resistance to the Kinder Morgan pipeline hosted by the Social Environmental Alliance

- Confronting settler privilege, colonialism and capitalism
- Broaden definition of the front-line
- Broaden the movement: find common ground, address global grief, use art and music, include 55+ folks, have conversations in multiple circles, use personal stories, invite faith-based groups, how to induce hope for the future

make complaints about poor/biased media coverage, use messages around economics, climate change is now, indigenous rights and title, global commitments, “mind bombs”, make it personal, billboards

- Support indigenous led movements on the mainland
- Meet with local First Nations
- Make a list of relevant politicians, offices, etc. and have a call-in day (Stacy and Phil can organize a workshop on how to do this and research people to call)
- Art, sign-making, banner-making and music workshop
- Provide support at Watch house/Camp Cloud
- Workshop on communications/telling your personal story (Eric)
- Connect with people in other areas affected by Kinder Morgan and learn from places that have stopped projects

Local actions:
- Legislature (is BC government doing everything they can)?, divestment
- Train people locally to support indigenous-led actions – training as movement building
- Create a visual of the number of people you are representing at actions
- Occupy Federal Liberal MP offices in work clothes
- Fish Farms Out Campaign: reach out to philhend [-at-@-]

Ways to connect with indigenous-led campaigns:
1. Protect the Inlet:
- Sign participation agreement
- Sign up if you're willing to take action
- text READY to 52267
- Donate to support the Watch House:

2. Tiny House Warriors:

3. Women's Declaration Against Man Camps:

4. Pull together Campaign:

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