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August 12th, 2018
560 Johnson Street
Green Cuisine, Lower Level, Market Square

SEA August Members Meeting

Official SEA Event

We are holding our next SEA members' meeting Sun. Aug. 12 @ 5:30 pm at Green Cuisine, 560 Johnson Street, Lower Level, Market Square. (Dale Perkins has a proposal).

Please watch the following in preparation for meeting:

We hope you can join us!
Beth Cruise on behalf of the organizing committee

DRAFT AGENDA - August 12, 2018

• Call to order
• Resignation of Recording Secretary and Election of new Recording Secretary
• Additions to, and approval of agenda
• Introductions
• Financial Report
• Membership Report
• Communications Report

• Old Business: Updates
   o One Planet Conversations event committee: Nathalie, Howard, Ben, Eric
   o Salish Seas Protectors Fund: Bobby, Beth, Sue
   o Canoe Committee report: Nathalie, Bobby, Sue, Howard, Ben
   o Fish Farm Working Group: James, Alexa, Bobby

• Upcoming events and activities
   o SEA public meeting

• New Business
   o Dale – Campaign idea

• Announcements
• Adjournment

For more details visit:

Great news everyone! 

This Thursday, August 9, Victoria City Council will consider a recommendation to
 Remove the Sir John A. MacDonald statue 
from its current mantle in front of City Hall!!!

Indigenous people and settler allies have called for the statue to be removed for a long time, and now is the opportunity to help make this happen! The Songhees and Esquimalt Nations and Lekwungen Elders and witnesses are supporting the recommendation for the statute to be removed.

Please take a couple of minutes to send a short, one-sentence email to Mayor and Council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating your support for removing the statue. There will likely be pushback from conservative political forces and the corporate media, so every message helps in getting the recommendation approved.

Also, if you've got time on Thursday night, please register to make a short address to City Council (6:30 pm, Victoria City Hall), by completing this online form:

We are almost there! We just need your last minute support to make this happen!
Hay’sxw’qa si’em! 

on behalf of the Indigenous Solidarity Working Group

August 9th, 2018
7pm - 9pm

Hiroshima Nagasaki Memorial

Hosted by Vancouver Island Peace and Disarmament Network, Physicians for Global Survival and Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

The New Nuclear Threat: Pushing the Big Buttons

While the terrifying and cartoonish sabre-rattling of the US and Korea may have abated, the world has learned that even in 2018, nuclear destruction is just one ego away. No longer can we credibly spin a “limited” nuclear war, as weapons now in existence are several leagues more powerful than those of WW11. Black political farces that continue to unfold will continue to ramp up the arms race. Nuclear nations at present have only one goal: a greater ability to destroy than others. No single nuclear nation will credibly denuclearize because no other nuclear nation will sacrifice its perceived advantage, and staged efforts to represent cooperative denuclearization will continue to ramp up the horror show.

Yet people need reminding in a personal way what is at stake. We cannot lose sight of the human horror of nuclear bombs – mere stains on the sidewalk that used to be human beings; ghastly lifelong mutilation; the agonizing death of radiation poisoning. This is not mere fear-mongering. This is one out-of-control ego button away.

Our one hope is that people all over the world are hungry for PEACE – real peace, lasting peace, humane and compassionate peace. We need to join together in efforts to ensure nuclear buttons never get pushed. We need to keep up the pressure on governments to scale back their nuclear arsenals and work toward a more humane co-existence. We need to get Canada to ratify the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Join us in Beacon Hill Park on August 9 and hear both political and citizen views on what needs to be done to ensure nuclear weapons will be abolished all over the world.


Following the event there will be a Lantern Ceremony in the pond nearest to the Beacon Hill Bandshell.


Hiroshima / Nagasaki Memorial and the New Nuclear Threat


Featured Speakers:

  • Randall Garrison, MP
  • Nils Jensen, Mayor for Peace
  • Dr. Mary-Wynne Ashford, CNANW

Featured Performers:

  • Uminari Taiko Band
  • Hanne Fair, Flautist

For more details visit:

Legal Workshop for Direct Action
Where: Cool-Aid Downtown Community Centre, 755 Pandora Street
When: 6-7 PM Thursday August 9
Facebook event:

Want to be more informed about legal rights and the risks when participating in direct action? Come join us for this workshop with our awesome lawyer friend Vanessa Udy.

We will be talking about:
-Risks of participating in direct action and how to mitigate them
-Knowing your legal rights
-Civil Disobedience arrests, trials, and sentencing
-The legal observer role
-What's going on with the injunction on Kinder Morgan/TMX facilities?
*Also bring your own questions!

Tiny House Warriors Bus Trip Info Night
Where: Cool-Aid Downtown Community Centre, 755 Pandora Street
When: 7:15-9 PM, Thursday August 9
For more information about the bus trip:

There has been a call-out from the Tiny House Warriors to join them in traveling the 518 km length of the TransMountain route, through unceded Secwpemc territory from Neskonlith all the way to where the TransMountain Pipeline is scheduled to enter unceded Secwepemc territory through the Rockies at Mt Robson Provincial Park. 

The trip is planned for August 15-19th as a 5-day return trip from Victoria, stopping in Vancouver. People are expected to come prepared to be self-sufficient with their own camping gear and food for five days and four nights, and the trip will cost $45 to cover fuel for the bus.

If you are interested in joining this trip, please consider coming to the legal workshop at 6 PM and staying for the info night at 7:15 on Thursday to get informed and prepared!

We will also be updating with more information about the bus trip as we get it!  

August 15th, 2018

Tiny House Warriors Solidarity Bus Trip

From the Salish Sea to Secwepemc territory! No Consent, No pipeline!  

August 15-19th
Victoria-Vancouver- to unceded Secwepemc territory

There has been a call-out from the Tiny House Warriors and the Secwepemc Women's Warrior Society to join them at a gathering on August 16th at █████R█E█D█A█C█T█E█D██4██N█O█W█████. 

The Secwepemc have never surrendered their title to the land or been consulted nor have they approved the development of the pipeline or the hyper-masculinized environment of the 1000 construction-worker man-camps proposed for Blue River. Their presence in the vicinity of Indigenous communities has been known to heighten the risk of sexualized violence towards Indigenous women and girls.

The Tiny House Warriors and the Secwepemc Woman's Warrior's Society, have been mobilizing this summer with three tiny houses, re-occupying strategic locations along the 518 km path of the TransMountain pipeline, which traverses their territory; asserting their inherent rights and responsibilities as land and water protectors on their unceded territories-- against TransMountain.

One of those tiny houses was built in the fall of 2017 on W'sanec teritory by members of the local Victoria community and we are very happy to be able to continue to support the frontline resistance of the Tiny House Warriors in joining wth them on their land this summer.


The Community Action Bus will leave Victoria on Wednesday, August 15th establishing a camp that night  █████R█E█D█A█C█T█E█D██4██N█O█W█████

We need 40 people at $45-60 sliding scale per seat return trip to cover the costs of the bus, biodiesel and ferry from the island. We are seeking donations to help cover the costs of this trip for those who cannot afford it.


People are expected to come prepared to be self-sufficient with their own camping gear and food for four days and nights.

To reserve a seat on the bus, please etransfer $45 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There will be an orientation session and potluck for the bus trip on Thursday, August 9th at the Cool-Aid Downtown Activity Centre, 750 Pandora St. with a legal workshop with Vanessa Udy at 6 pm ( for the whole community) and logistics and protocols infosession from 7:15-9 pm for people planning or thinking of coming on the bus trip.

Please share this post, **but not on fb SVP**

Tomorrow marks an important date.
August 9th is the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples.

In a world where indigenous and tribal peoples face racism, land theft and genocidal violence, now is the time to stand up!

Tribal peoples deserve to be respected as contemporary societies, and have their rights upheld. They’re not primitive, and they don’t need “development” forced on them. Please, join the fight by sharing this video with your family and friends. Let's show the world that tribal peoples are #ProudNotPrimitive.

You can also ensure tribal peoples’ rights are respected by helping us with a donationtoday   With thanks,
Stephen Corry
Survival International Director

August 18th, 2018
8am - 11pm
Many BC Ridings

Join the BC Day of Action for Proportional Representation

Hosted by Fairvote Canada - BC

In just about 90 days, BC citizens will be voting on whether to adopt proportional representation!

Proportional representation is a game-changer, but many voters are unaware that a referendum is even happening. Many don't know what it means or why they should support it.

We want the information voters receive about proportional representation to be in a conversation with a fellow citizen like you - not just a newspaper opinion columnist or an opponent attack ad on TV.

You can make a difference by joining our Day of Action for Pro Rep!

In communities across British Columbia on August 18 we'll be reaching out to voters about the referendum - and why it's time to make every vote count!


Please sign up to join us, and forward this email to a friend!

For more details visit:


Sept 2nd, 2018
ȾIX̱EṈ (Cordova Spit @ Island View Beach)
ȾIX̱EṈ (Cordova Spit), Tsawout First Nation

Paddle for ȽEL¸TOS and the Salish Sea

Hosted by Tsawout Chief, Council and a number of neighbours/supporters/advocates

Tsawout Chief and Council invite all relations in WSÁNEĆ and neighbouring communities to participate in the PADDLE FOR ȽEL¸TOS and the Salish Sea, in support of Tsawout’s claim to the island, also known as James Island.

The event is taking place on Sunday, September 2, 2018, beginning at 9:00 am at ȾIX̱EṈ (Cordova Spit) with a community breakfast, followed by a paddle around ȽEL¸TOS (James Island) and then a feast in the Tsawout Gymnasium.

The history of use and occupation is significant combined with significant archaeological history. The island was part of the homelands and provided a rich, productive way of life as it was well supplied with plantlife and surrounded by a rich variety of saltwater food supply (fish/shellfish). When it was taken over as part the war efforts it was still occupied and people felt that the island would be fully returned once it was no longer required. However the history shows that the Tsawout/WSÁNEĆ People were forced off the island and it then became privatized and was eventually sold.

In the past Tsawout has made overtures to have the island rightfully returned and it is hoped that this time justice will prevail and the island will be restored as part of the homelands.

The Paddle for ȽEL¸TOS will be hosted by Tsawout, facilitated by a number of neighbours/supporters/advocates on September 2. The event will kick off with a light 9:00 am breakfast on September 2. It is estimated that the paddle depending on currents/traffic should take about three hours. There may be some information booths on the beach but there will also be a Vendors Market at Tsawout Gymnasium with an Indigenous Tea Room in the Multipurpose Room opening at 10:00 am. At 2:00 pm there will also be a Celebratory Meal with invited speakers to speak on the significance of the island to Tsawout.

People are invited to participate in canoes, kayaks and other human-powered water craft. Space for youth, elders and others is available in support vessels and large canoes. People are also invited to join the events on shore.

“We invite all relations to join us in advancing our Treaty rights to ȽEL¸TOS,” says Chief Harvey Underwood. “We welcome community members and allies in WSÁNEĆ territory and neighbouring communities to join us for the paddle and events on shore.” Tsawout has asserted ownership of ȽEL¸TOS, which despite never being surrendered fell into private hands contrary to the Treaty and Crown policy.

Tsawout would like the Paddle event to be a fundraiser to assist with the research and legal work required for the claim and will be accepting donations prior to the event and at the event made out to TSAWOUT FIRST NATION with notation for “ȽEL¸TOS”.


To join the Paddle for ȽEL¸TOS and the Salish Sea, sign up today at:


Chief Harvey Underwood

For more details visit:

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