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MEDIA RELEASE: Peoples’ paddle aims to Turn the Tide on tankers, tarsands and pipelines

July 22, 2015

SALISH SEA — The second annual Turning the Tide: Peoples' Paddle for the Salish Sea will push off from the Dolphin Dock in North Saanich, BC on Friday morning at 8:00 am, mobilizing an on-the-water community to celebrate the Salish Sea and demonstrate the unwavering commitment of participants to protect the coast from the threat of tarsands, tankers and pipelines.

The people-powered flotilla, which is spearheaded by the Turning the Tide committee in concert with a number of organizations, with embark on a five-day paddle through the Southern Gulf Islands with overnight stops and community celebrations at Salt Spring, Mayne Island and Pender Island.

"One year after the first Peoples' Paddle, our coast still faces multiple threats from tarsands, tankers, pipelines and a federal government keen to sell our natural wealth to the highest bidder," says Turning the Tide organizer Sasha Kvakic. "As long as these threats continue, we will keep building our movement and demonstrating our love for the Salish Sea and our commitment to protect it."

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Bastille Day Picnic & BBQ

Join us on July 14th for this summer BBQ & Picnic with friends and comrades! The event coincides with Bastille Day, a historic moment in the global movement to transcend out-dated systems. Bring something to put on the BBQ, a side dish to share and instruments and outdoor games! All Welcome!

Our next Social Environmental Alliance (SEA) members' meeting is happening on Tuesday July 14 at 5:00 pm, in conjunction with the Summer BBQ & Picnic in Beacon Hill Park (in the picnic area in the centre of the park, next to the playground accessed via Quadra Street / Arbutus Way). The meeting starts at 5 pm and the BBQ for SEA supporters and the public will begin at 6 pm, 

Please note that the semi-annual elections for the organizing committee will take place during this meeting at 5:30 pm. As per Article VI of SEA's Constitution & Bylaws, every member is eligible to stand for election and assist with the work of implementing the directions and actions established by members. I would encourage you to consider supporting the work of SEA in this way.   

We're meeting in the centre of Beacon Hill Park / Meegan, in the picnic area next to the playground, accessed via Quadra Street / Arbutus Way.
July 14th

Where We Stand

1. People and the planet before profit.
The Social Environmental Alliance is committed to a world where the wellbeing of people and the planet takes priority over the accumulation of private wealth.
2. Respect for ecological systems.
We believe all human activity and social systems must operate within the limits imposed by ecological systems and with respect for non-human life.
3. Transformative social change.
Recognizing the dangers of catastrophic climate change, the injustice of colonization and imperialism, and the inhumanity of growing poverty in the midst of plenty, we pledge ourselves to the lifelong project of transformative social change.
4. Ecological and democratic socialist principles.
We aim to accomplish our objectives through the application of ecological and democratic socialist principles to public affairs and the governance of our communities.
5. Grassroots organization and action.
Committed to action and outreach, we are nurturing a community of organizers to mobilize the consciousness and confidence of ordinary people and forge alliances in coalition with social movements, cultural organizations and grassroots community groups.
6. Traditions inform practice.
We are guided by the best traditions of indigenous, feminist, co-operative, socialist, labour and environmental movements.
7. Democracy.
We embrace a participatory, pluralistic and emancipatory model of democracy.
8. Equality.
We believe in a classless society and in the inherent dignity and equality of all people on the basis of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, age and ability.
9. Self-determination.
We recognize the right of indigenous and colonized peoples to self-determination.
10. Internationalism.
We embrace an internationalist perspective in foreign policy based on equality among peoples and the shared stewardship and fair distribution of the finite resources of the planet.